Your personal website with zero effort.

Create your website with a Notion-like UI. No design or coding skills required. You focus on your content, Teeny handles the rest. Free forever.

With content

Social media cannot be your primary online identity

Everybody uses social media like Linkedin, Medium and Twitter to market themselves. By doing so, you are giving your most precious value, your online identity, to external algorithms whose objectives may not align with your own.

Do you want to stand out from the rest? Build your personal website. Your digital space should reflect who you are; Teeny makes sure it’s subtle, delightful, and gorgeous.

Our friendly and intuitive user interface lets you manage your content like you are writing a note, with just the right level of flexibility and control. Whatever you want to build a personal brand, a resume, or simply share your story, interests, and ideas, Teenly allows you to do it with a remarkable style.

You focus on your career and life, we take care of your digital presence. Forever.

Exclusive crafted themes

We collaborate with the most prestigious designers to craft our exclusive themes. We set out to design the most beautiful personal sites ever made. We meticulously pored over every detail. From iconography to typography, every piece has been repeatedly refined.

We understand how important it is for you to express yourself. Personalization is key. Each theme has a set of preselected variables and combinations that can be customized to match your style.

Your personal site speaks for yourself, we make sure it is subtle, delightful, and gorgeous.

Inbox user interface

Personal Blog

Teeny comes with modern tools for creating your own blog.
Publish, share your content, grow your reach and build a community.

World-class site

We use the latest technology, and handle all the complicated stuff for you.

Blazingly fast

Your site visitors will enjoy a pleasant, snappy experience anywhere in the world. The performance of our sites is better than any other website builder in the industry. Teeny is blazingly fast.

SEO first

We automatically create social sharing cards based on your content and optimize your site's HTML to meet search engine best practices. Using Teeny sites, you'll automatically rank high in search results and look great when sharing on social media.

As easy as clicking a button

Our modern editor allows you to launch a website within five minutes and edit content on the go.

You won’t need to connect to any other services. We built our app from the ground to deliver a fast and delightful experience, even when you are working on your site, because we care about delightful experiences.

Inbox user interface

Native analytics

No cookies. No tracking. No ugly banners. We provide detailed engagement analytics through our most powerful native analytics service.

Don’t have time to navigate the data? Sign up for weekly or monthly report. We know you are busy, we do it for you.

The superior solution ever built

Teeny is absolutely complete. Every module is far superior to any other alternative out there.

Custom domain

You can define your custom domain.

Automatic SSL

We take care of the complex part of making your site secure.

Powerfull integrations

Display post and subscribe forms from Medium, Substack and much more.

World-class support

Real time chat support to help you along the journey.

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